Rhino's Revenge
Save The Rhino Tour 2019
Save The Rhino Tour 2019 We are delighted to announce the 'Save The Rhino' Tour Part III.

Rhino will again be joined by guitarist Jim Kirkpatrick and drummer Richard Newman and will be raising funds again for the Save The Rhino Organisation.

VIP 'meet & greet' ticket packages for certain shows (*) are available exclusively
in the Rhino Store.

Each VIP ticket package will include admission, a meet and greet with Rhino's Revenge, a memento laminate and lanyard and a voucher offering a 25% discount on anything - other than musical product - bought from the merchandise stand.

General admission tickets for the shows in Dover and Horsham are also available in The Rhino store
Live 2018!
Friday, May 24 The Half Moon, Putney, UK. * BUY TICKETS
Saturday, May 25 The Holbrook Club, Horsham, UK. * BUY TICKETS
Phone: 01403 751150
or from the box office.

Limited Edition Autographed Painting Save The Rhino Tour Auction

Save The Rhino Tour Limited edition digital paintings of Rhino are now available, following the auction of the first in the series last November.

Donated to Save The Rhino International, painting 1/50 raised £1,000 at auction for the charity.

The remaining 49 paintings are now available for £150, plus postage and packing from the Rhino store.

Based on original photographs by Lena Schou Sjørslev and hand-drawn in Photoshop on an Intuos 5 drawing tablet by artist Dave Renshaw, each canvas measures 297 by 420mm (A3) and is part of a limited edition run of just 50, each personally signed and numbered by Rhino.

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One Note Blues One Note Blues - CD Single

The latest single from Rhino's Revenge, featuring two versions of album highlight 'One Note Blues', is now available as an extremely limited edition run.

Hear for yourself how close to or far away from the final version of the song Rhino's original demo is. A collector's item, for sure.

Buy the CD single at the Rhino's Revenge Store

rhinobwlogo800 Rhino's Revenge II

01 Tomorrow Is Today.
02 Famous.
03 New New New.
04 All the Girls Love A Bastard.
05 Powerplay.
06 Secretary.
07 Cougar.
08 My Name Is Stan.
09 Busy Doing Nothin'.
10 One Note Blues.
11 Black Widows.
12 Take 'Em Down.

Rhino's Revenge II CD
£11.99 (plus p&p)

Take 'Em Down Take 'em Down / Famous

A limited edition double A-side CD single featuring two great songs from the latest album.

Buy the CD single at the Rhino's Revenge Store

Vinyl Edition RHINO'S REVENGE II - Vinyl Album (Limited Edition)

An extremely limited edition vinyl version of 'Rhino's Revenge II' has been pressed.

Only 300 copies - each autographed and sequentially numbered by Rhino before shrink-wrapping - priced at £29.99 (plus p&p), are now available from the Rhino' s Revenge Store.

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